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Laser Dentistry in Flint, MI

Laser dentistry is changing the dental field and improving our patients’ experiences at Heritage Comfort Dental! Our Flint, Michigan dentists use the soft tissue dental lasers in a variety of procedures. You may notice them using the soft tissue laser to:

  • Improve the aesthetics of your gum line
  • Provide more comfortable treatment
  • Help treat gum disease
  • Eliminate cold sores and canker sores
  • Create a more even gum line
  • Encourage efficient healing

With our soft tissue laser, we can safely and effectively improve your oral health, smile, and dental experience. Lasers provide exceptional comfort and increased accuracy in procedures so that you always have a pleasant experience at our office. For more information on the benefits of soft tissue lasers and how we use them at our office, please call or visit Heritage Comfort Dental today. We look forward to taking care of your family’s smiles soon!


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